LionsBee and Dedar


lionsbee and dedar

Dedar Milan is an Italian textile producer founded in 1976. In my opinion they successfully achieve a combination of technical excellence, inspiring aesthetics and functionality.

Their constant dialogue between artisanal tradition and modern innovations is what I feel gives them timeless elegance through contemporary collections.

lionsbee and dedar inner image
lionsbee and dedar inner 2

Dedar has been my go-to for textile sourcing in regards to my recent residential project in Zurich. I adore their masterful collections and boldly contrastive universe. The deep blue velvet used to upholster the Gio Ponti armchair (in the image below) has a chromatic intensity that gives a seductive and bold voice to the living space.

Zurich Residance 04

My desire of elegance, and color experimentation is why I find myself turning to Dedar for my creative solutions.

Dedar’s collections characterize a diverse mixture of styles and cultures. Its cutting-edge home fabrics and portrayal of textile as art is what makes it a point of reference for any designer to best express their intentions.

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