LionsBee and Lili Raphanel


LionsBee and Lili Raphanel

With designs that are clean, elegant and alluring, in a chic and sharp penmanship, Lili Raphanel has fostered a reputation for one of the most sought-after calligraphers in the business of fashion. An absolute whiz at calligraphy− working for clients including Dior and Miu Miu among others− Lili has a passion for lettering, a keen eye for detail and a unique aesthetic.

She mastered the art and ethos of letter writing at the Scriptorium of Toulouse, where she had the opportunity to study both calligraphy and typography for the course of three years. From ancient manuscripts to modern calligraphy, her aesthetically pleasing design combines the best of both worlds. Following years of dedicated work and practice− and a pinch of talent− Lili developed a personal style that is equally intuitive and recognizable. It takes great care and time to create a new design.

However, Lili is all about the beauty in words. Additionally, she is all about the beauty in fashion, a world that has been swift to embrace her contemporary take on an ancient art form. Today, she inscribes names, dates, addresses and bons mots on invitations, envelopes, cards and, peculiarly, even canvases. These personalized keepsakes set a distinctive tone, showing that each detail has been carefully thought through. As the projects differ− from haute couture defiles and social events to logo conceptualization and canvas painting− so do the creative aspects of Lili’s work. With ease and spontaneity, she adapts to the request of clients, making sure that each new design is made with rigor and passion. Utterly devoted to her craft, she spends majority of her days working.

When it comes to fashion shows, it takes up to fifteen hours per day and a full week to handwrite thousands of invitations. But, as Lili says, it’s all more than worth it since she genuinely loves her art. In a digital age, where almost everything seems impersonal, it takes a true artist such as Lili Raphanel to evoke an emotion. Contemporary flair and a soft charm are her hallmarks, and her design is nothing if not a reflection of her own playful take on art. Taken from the past and applied to the present, Lili’s rhythmical lines are underlined with true talent.

By the charm of handmade, she has established herself as a name that is synonymous with exclusivity. In Paris, where she lives and works in the atmosphere where symbols and gesture continually meet, Lili focuses on new challenges and potentials. In her atelier, Lili quietly develops new ideas and projects, always seeking to exceed client requirements and putting customer satisfaction as a top priority. Somewhere between Eastern and Western calligraphy, Lili is living her childhood dream. As the ultimate synthesis of what she loves− imperfect perfections and fluidity of movement− calligraphy is her true calling.

Timeless and unique in more than one dimension, her finesse is in high demand. Lili remains a calligrapher of choice in the haute world since fashion as we know it will never get fatigued of an artistry that allures its most faithful devotees.

Text Courtesy of Lili Raphanel
Photo taken by Stevens Frémont

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