LionsBee Features

LionsBee Features

VisualVoid is a French mixed media artist. Inspired by pop culture and design, his collage and video work has appeared across various creative mediums in collaboration with magazines and fashion brands.  Dusa Bibus sets great store by creating a fresh, bespoke effect in her designs. Not for her the application of ready-made, one-size-fits-all sol

This classic combination was used as early as in the 15th century. The artists used the play of light to define accents. The radical combination of black and white and the absence of another colour gave plenty of room for artistic expression. More often than not, its simplicity can shock and provoke, but also fascinate […]

With designs that are clean, elegant and alluring, in a chic and sharp penmanship, Lili Raphanel has fostered a reputation for one of the most sought-after calligraphers in the business of fashion. An absolute whiz at calligraphy− working for clients including Dior and Miu Miu among others− Lili has a passion for lettering, a keen […]

Dedar Milan is an Italian textile producer founded in 1976. In my opinion they successfully achieve a combination of technical excellence, inspiring aesthetics and functionality. Their constant dialogue between artisanal tradition and modern innovations is what I feel gives them timeless elegance through contemporary collections.

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