Africa and fashion as an inexhaustible source of inspiration


Africa and fashion as an inexhaustible source of inspiration

Last year, while the days were long and hot and the world was quiet due to coronavirus, I had a lot of time to look for inspiration for my new project. My new client was a woman who was aware of her femininity, free from all social prejudices, full of energy and free spirited. It reminded me of the woman Yves Saint Lauran saw in his creations – elegant, strong, free and emancipated. I instinctively decided to make leopard print my concept. I didn’t know where it would take me. I knew that this print was very contradictory, provocative, sometimes praised and sometimes underestimated. But I had a strong urge to do something new for a new client, different and unconventional. I wanted it to look like her. To be strong, provocative, energetic… and I wanted my concept to give her even more energy and inspiration every day. I boldly embarked upon this design adventure, inspired by Africa, its fascinating wilderness and fashion collections of the 1960s Christian Dior and YSL. Because their creations not only made women more beautiful, but always made them stronger, more self-aware and more ambitious. So my concept became maximalist and provocative. Aiming at bringing this concept to a climax, I combined the animal print with pink lacquered custom furniture. The new concept of the room, complemented with floral design, books, exotic plants, has become an eccentric, energetic, elegant oasis of peace and everyday inspiration for my client. A couple of weeks ago I saw the Christian Dior Pre Fall collection which was also in leopard print. This made me very happy. Obviously Maria Currie had the same little bird on her shoulder. She had the same intuition, or we had the same call from the universe.

My dear ladies, if you feel confidently emancipated and live that way, then just listen to yourself and your intuition. Don’t let yourself be guided by trends or general requirements. Get rid of everything that is holding you back. Be only what you are, be your own, because it is when you’re the most beautiful. You are the trend. There’s always someone somewhere in the world who will support and understand you. When we are completely true to ourselves, we’ll be stronger, more energetic and ready for new experiences and surprises lying ahead.



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