Corporate Memphis Style in Interior Design



In the fast-evolving realm of interior design, the Corporate Memphis style emerges as a captivating blend of boldness, sophistication, and a touch of retro charm.

But, what is Corporate Memphis Style?

It is an influential postmodern style that emerged from the celebrated Memphis Design collective of Milan-based designers in the early 1980s. The design movement was born in the living room of the legendary Italian designer Ettore Sottsass and had an outsize impact on eighties design. On the evening of December 11, 1980, Sottsass invited a group of 22 Italian designers and architects to discuss the future of modern design. They all disliked the simplicity of Modernism, the use of neutral colors, and modest lines with bland shapes.

The Memphis Design Group was born, and soon they introduced a collection of 55 pieces that debuted at Milan’s Salone del Mobile in 1981. It was eye-catching, controversial, and rule-breaking, with a radical approach to design. It was a reaction to the clean, linear mid-century modern aesthetic of the fifties and sixties and the minimalism of the seventies.

The movement has found its way into contemporary corporate spaces, reshaping the conventional notions of office aesthetics.

At the heart of the Corporate Memphis style lies a fascination with geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and asymmetry. Its departure from the norm creates an atmosphere that is not only visually stimulating but also fosters creativity and innovation. Memphis Design was influenced by the revived interest in the twenties Art Deco movement as well as mid-century Pop Art, both of which were popular styles in the 1980s.

Using playful textures such as stripes, zigzags, and checkerboard motifs. Beyond visual appeal, these patterns can influence the mood and dynamics of a corporate environment. In the realm of Corporate Memphis design, eccentricity is celebrated. Statement pieces become integral elements of the Memphis decor.

Today, the Corporate Memphis style draws inspiration from the eighties and integrates these retro elements with a modern flair. The result is a timeless fusion of old and new, creating spaces that feel both nostalgic and contemporary. Interior designers often blend vintage furniture with sleek, modern pieces, striking a balance that exudes sophistication. Open concept work areas are typical, but also communal lounges, and interactive meeting spaces that become integral components of a workspace encouraging communication and teamwork.

The nowadays Memphis design began to reemerge in 2005. It influenced high fashion houses like Dior, Missoni, and Karl Lagerfeld, but also Supreme and other popular streetwear brands… Its bold departure from the conventional redefined mainstream aesthetics, creating environments that resonate with innovation and individuality. image: Christelle BOURGEOIS

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