Lions Bee Video


Lions Bee Video

VisualVoid is a French mixed media artist. Inspired by pop culture and design, his collage and video work has appeared across various creative mediums in collaboration with magazines and fashion brands.

Dusa Bibus sets great store by creating a fresh, bespoke effect in her designs. Not for her the application of ready-made, one-size-fits-all solutions. In her lexicon cerebral rhymes with liveable, so that great thought and originality are applied in the interests of producing interiors that are perhaps dramatic and challenging but always practical and in-keeping with the client’s predilections and personality. A little quirky, perhaps, but putting people a little off balance means ensuring they remain alert and receptive. Freedom, another value close to Dusa Bibus’s heart, applies both to the act of creation and the feeling her work generates in the beholder. The client becomes an active participant in the designer’s conception. Both are empowered and both experience joy.

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