What is Biophilic interior design?



What is Biophilic interior design? It is the practice of connecting nature and people within our built environments and communities. The biophilic approach seeks to improve the well-being and quality of life by incorporating elements of nature into interior design and architecture.

“Biophilia” term was first used by famous biologist E.O. Wilson in 1984, and since then its influence has been increasing.

In modern times, we spend most of our time inside, but the need to spend time in nature is deeply written in our DNA. For centuries, our ancestors lived outdoors, surrounded by green plants, irregular shapes, and different sensations. Today, the same very things are a shortcut to our well-being. In Japan, there is even a term “forest bathing” (shinrin yoku), which describes the positive effects on our bodies of being in nature, and especially the deep forest.

For interior designers, the challenge is to figure out how to incorporate these natural elements into our mostly indoor lives. And that is where biophilic design comes in.

Interest in biophilic design is increasing, so this topic was highlighted in the latest Pinterest trend report. In an era where screens and digital presence have taken over our lives, creating soothing spaces that bolster our health and well-being is perhaps more critical than ever.

How to bring nature into the interior?

There are many ways, and a few tips can make the process easier

Biophilic interior design implies the use of natural materials, whenever possible. Wood, stone, leather, and iron should underpin this approach. Natural light, if available, should be used as much as possible.

One of the easiest ways to introduce biophilic design to your home is through live plants. These can be large plants, even trees, as well as small ones that can fill the entire wall. Plants bring numerous benefits, from creating oxygen to reducing stress levels or better concentration.

If the interior allows it, connect the interior with the outside world. Consider installing sliding doors that you can open to unite your living room with an outdoor patio. Glass doors and large windows that open up the space are also a good idea.

In biophilic interior design, the holistic approach can help create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, and complex elements such as materials, light, colors, and patterns together should look beautiful but also promote mental well-being by creating a connection to nature.

image: Laura Lauch

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