Belgrade Residence


Belgrade Residence is the result of Dusa Bibus’ three years of work on creating a  downtown epicenter of cultural events and gatherings. Its interior is so unique and eclectic that it is the first of its kind in the Serbian capital.

The starting point of the interior design concept was the painting “Tri žene planine” (Three women-mountains), which occupies the most prominent place in the apartment. The author is Serbian painter Kosara Bokšan, and the painting was created in Paris in the sixties, as a symbol of women’s emancipation and awakening.

The main salon, but also the whole ambient, invites you to reflect, reconsider and discuss. There is also a strong presence of duality: feminine and masculine principles. The most pronounced female form is in the pink sofa of Vladimir Kagan, a Russian who fled to the United States where he became one of the most respected furniture designers. The sofa was first made for an American couple who were great collectors of art. His task was to make a sofa that would fit into their interior, full of paintings. Belgrade Residence is located in the historical city center overlooking the National Museum and emphasizing the strong connection with art and culture.

“Masculine and feminine details should be mixed in the interior.” Dusa Bibus

By merging the feminine and masculine principles, we established a harmony of design: the feminine sofa represents creativity through soft shapes and colors, and the masculine straight armchairs give dynamism. They support each other in their imperfections, so we manage to achieve complete creative expression.


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