Turquoise Garden

Outside is inside

Duša Bibus, LionsBee have conjured a lush oasis within the confines of the “Turquoise Garden” apartment. This interior design project seamlessly extends the compelling theme of “Outside is Inside” into every facet, employing an intricate interplay of wallpapers, textures, fabrics, and colors.

The idea of reconnection with nature is rooted in the foundational concept of this venture. As our lives become increasingly ensnared by technology and bustling routines, the innate need for a natural refuge intensifies—an environment to recalibrate, unwind, and rediscover our true essence. Nature is perfect by itself, in unadulterated form holds the solutions to life’s enigmas, radiating a potency that can guide us toward serenity and everyday wellness. It is so powerful it can help us find a harmonious mindset. In the “Turquoise Garden” the essence of nature is palpable with all the senses, even in the city downtown.

Characteristic LionsBee eclectic aesthetics embrace flower-style prints, shades of green and blue on the walls, pillow covers, and living plants, all in perfect harmony. This symphony of elements harmonizes effortlessly, evoking the tranquility of a cherished garden sanctuary.

“I love nature, and this affection found expression within this apartment. The project was founded on the premise of ‘Outside is Inside’ and guided by this principle, I forged an environment that fosters restoration and nurturance. By incorporating some natural elements into Turquoise Garden the link between nature and us has not been lost in the chaos of modern urban life”, said Duša.

The two rooms, concealed by imposing glass doors, offer a sanctuary of privacy while suffusing the interior with natural light. Pale oak herringbone flooring and intricate floral wallpaper design by Lucy Tiffney offer a romantic touch. 

Complemented by the presence of natural rattan armchairs and a unique sofa, the living room emerges as an idyllic haven for repose. Mirrors and wooden motifs adorning the living room walls conjure an optical illusion of expanded space, providing the atmosphere of a regency-style garden.

Once again, Duša masterfully created an extraordinary space, born and inspired by nature, voyages, and history. The outcome is a true sanctuary ideally suited for an urban getaway.


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