What We do


Our studio consults in the domain of interior and custom-made furniture. We have consulted clients on colorways, brands, and finishings for their homes.


Our Design is client-oriented and we bring our expertise to our clients to better support their needs and wishes.


We make sure to best plan the interior of our client’s home, we study their needs and integrate them into our design. The home is planned in the best way for our client.
design bespoke



Dusa Bibus sets great store by creating a fresh, bespoke effect in her designs. Not for her the application of ready-made, one-size-fits-all solutions. Freedom, another value close to Dusa Bibus’s heart, applies both to the act of creation and the feeling her work generates in the beholder. The client becomes an active participant in the designer’s conception. Both are empowered and both experience joy.